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Fancy becoming a Primary SLE?

We are currently welcoming applicants for the role of SLE in English, Music, Mathematics, Assessment and MFL as well as Computing.

Applications should be returned to:
Lorraine Cullen
Inspire TSA
2 Swan Court,

Email your Applications to Here

Need help filling out the application? Need more information about becoming an SLE? Click here to contact us for support.

You may find it helpful to visit the NCTL website (National College of Teaching & Leadership) for more details about this role.

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Wendy Orton

Wendy Orton

Wendy has worked at Bliss Charity School for four years and, as science coordinator, has striven to promote and support a varied, meaningful and engaging curriculum. Having been a science coordinator at two other schools throughout her career, she has demonstrated that she understands that teaching and learning is underpinned by stimulating and engaging lessons.

Science needs to be relevant and practical and Wendy has a particular interest in science outdoors, where she believes that children can make the necessary links to put their learning into context whilst enjoying a positive and motivating experience.

Wendy is passionate about science and the teaching of science and especially to the lower ability within the classroom. Science is accessible to all and Wendy is excited about the role that technology has in supporting all members of the class to achieve and excel within the science lesson.

Wendy lectures ITT students about the teaching of science and how to engage pupils in an exciting lesson where deep learning takes place within the frame of the National Curriculum.