Curriculum Training

These are two strands to our curriculum development training. We offer specific courses intended to keep leaders and teachers up to date with current educational practice and to secure the best possible outcomes for children. ‘Inspire’ also offers opportunities which provide longitudinal support and a chance to engage in professional dialogue with others in a similar role. This is delivered by our Specialist Leaders, or professionals who work on behalf of Inspire who are highly experienced in their field.

This training can be provided as visits to schools, cluster groups meetings, mentoring, coaching or research opportunities.

Specialist Leader Support

Paws b Training

Being a Research Teacher


Global Learning

SLEs can be deployed over a short period of time to deliver staff meetings or Inset, or over longer periods of time to provide on-going support to address whole-school priorities.

Our eight week training course will prepare primary staff to embark on the paws b mindfulness for children course.  Once qualified as a paws b practitioner, teacher can practice mindfulness within their own school from year three to year six.

Over four afternoons, you will form part of a community of research practice with Inspire primary teacher colleagues. In informative and interactive ways you will gain high quality research skills then put them into action in your school and reflect critically on your findings as a confident teacher researcher. Our frequent conferences and courses under the Inspire Teaching Schools Offer banner are ideal opportunites for you to gain new experiences and to plot your own course to success. In collaboration with the Northampton University Research and Development team, we are also developing an exciting international research project to gain insight into responsive curriculum models which promote high levels of pupil engagement.

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Please use our contact page to let us know if there are any courses that you would like us to schedule in the near future.